2014 Luke AFB Open House & Air Show

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2014 Luke Air Force Base Air Show Open House
For the most current information for this event please visit the official Luke Air Force Base 2014 Open House Air Show web page

General Info:

March 15 & 16, 2014 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 9A – 6P
9 a.m. – gates open, static aircraft viewable, vendors open
11 a.m. – air show begins
4 p.m. – air show ends
6 p.m. – gates closed


A limited number of Thunder Club Tickets are available for purchase. Details about this exclusive opportunity are available by clicking here.

Airshow Parking Directions & Information

Click on the image to the left or here for a larger and printable view of maps and parking directions. Be advised traffic in the areas surrounding Luke Air Force Base will be heavy on March 15 – 16, 2014 so make sure to plan for it.

Be sure to check the AZ Central website for current traffic conditions and ADOT road closures in and around the area surrounding the base.

Parking Lot A and B will both have a $10 parking fee for cars.

On-base parking will ONLY be available to handicapped individuals and parking pass holders.

If you have a state-provided handicapped decal, proceed to the North Gate located on Litchfield Rd. for entry.

Please check back often for additional traffic pattern and off-base parking locations information.

Performers and Flying Schedule

The performers’ schedule is being developed.  Please check back often for updates.

USAF Thunderbirds:

Headlining Luke’s Open House and Air Show are the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds who perform precision aerial maneuvers demonstrating the capabilities of Air Force high performance aircraft to people throughout the world (learn more).

Aerial Performances:

Deer Valley Warbirds
Eagle 580, Matt Chapman Air Shows
F-16 close air support demonstration
T-33 Ace Maker
T-34, Julie Clark Air Shows
Trojan Horseman
Wings of Blue

Static Displays

B-17, AZ Wing of the Commemorative Air Force
B-25, AZ Wing of the Commemorative Air Force
Bell 407 Helicopter, Highway Patrol
C-45, Mesa Warbirds
C-47, Mesa Warbirds
Cessna 172, Arizona State University
Cessna 182, Civil Air Patrol
Cessna – Beechcraft
German Air Force Tornado
L-116, Mesa Warbirds
N2S, Mesa Warbirds
T-6, Mesa Warbirds
TBM Avenger

(We will update the performers & static display list as more information becomes available.)

Safety Issues

Permitted items:

Visitors are limited to the following items, which will be subject to search by Security Forces:
– Strollers and wagons for toddlers
– Diaper bags for guests with small children
– Small women’s purses
– Handicapped items such as wheelchairs
– Official service dogs
– Lawn chairs
– Bottled water, two bottles per person. Free water-refill stations will be available
– Hydration packs (Eg. CamelBaks – hydration only, no backpacks)
– Cameras, video recorders and binoculars. Visitors will be required to show the items work. Items must be small enough to carry by hand.
* Note: Those working for media outlets (TV & Radio stations, newspapers, magazines, websites) should contact Public Affairs for media credentials which will allow for more equipment to be brought onto Luke AFB.

Permitted but use discretion:
– Inhalers
– Baby bottles
– Medications. Bring prescriptions with you and in marked medical containers. (Eg. don’t bring medicine in Sunday through Saturday containers)

Recommended Items include:
– Sunscreen
– Hearing protection

Prohibited items: TBD

All visitors are subject to search  by Security Forces and will NOT be allowed to pass through security with any of the following items:
– Outside food
– Weapons of any kind including pocket knives, pocket tools, scissors, box cutters, billy clubs, large-heavy chain-link jewelry or belts, mace and pepper spray
– Firearms of any type
– Toys that resemble firearms
– Fireworks
– Spray paint and silly string
– Glass containers of any kind
– Alcohol
– Illegal drugs
– Bicycles
– Skateboards, heelies, roller skates or roller blades
– Coolers
– Back packs, ruck sacks
– Pets
– Medical Marijuana

Contact Information

Air Operations
Please contact Lt. Col. Michael May at 623-856-5580 or via email at [email protected]  for any questions on air operations

Assistant Air Operations
Please contact Maj. Ryan Ley at 623-856-6931 or via email at [email protected] for any questions on air operations

Aerial Acts
Please contact Maj. Nicholas Holmes via email at[email protected] for any questions on aerial acts

Ground Demonstration
Please contact Maj. James Day at 623-856-7766 for any questions on ground demonstrations

Static Display
Please contact Maj. John Anderson at 623-856-2148 for any questions on static display

Commercial Sponsorship
Please contact Ms. Jeanette Mijokovich at 623-856-3245 or via email at [email protected] for any questions on commercial sponsorships

Please contact Capt, Ryan DeCamp at 623-856-6011 or via email at56fw.[email protected] for media questions

Join the discussion 22 Comments

  • Leon Madsen says:

    Still looking for particulars on Thunder Club tickets. Need 6.

    • Still waiting for Luke AFB to release the payment link for Thunder Club (if they offer it this year). We’ll publish the details as they becomes available. Thank you for your patience!

  • Marc Schrier says:

    Will handicap scooters be available to rent?

  • John D. Morgan says:

    On base parking for the air show is limited to “handicapped” and “parking pass holders.” I am retired military with a base sticker. Do I qualify as a “parking pass holder?”

    • No. If you don’t have a “parking pass” issued for this event by the base then you will not have access to the base. Feel free to contact Public Affairs at (623)856-5853 to confirm.

  • Cheryl says:

    What if we are walking? Not everyone has a car. Do we still get charged $10 to get in?

  • Wendeen Larsen says:

    2yrs ago handicap parking was in the middle of a dirt field. Parking was so disorganized. ( Prior years the handicap parking was on the base). After being shuttled on school buses, being in the dust & dirt, being pushed across lumpy dirt in a wheelchair I was so disillusioned. I had had back surgery 3wks prior. Luke Days was my goal. I’d love to come out this year but I can’t go thru what we did 2yrs ago. By the time we got shuttled to the base we got there shortly before the Thunderbirds performance. Please tell me that things are going back to the was it was 4yrs ago….

    • It sounds like the “state-provided handicapped decal” would work, but I would confirm with Luke. Please contact their Public Affairs at (623)856-5853. Thank you.

  • Tom says:

    I have a handicap pass from another state, will that be recognized for parking?

  • David Mickey says:

    Will camera bags of “purse” size (not a backpack) be allowed in? Say, about 6 x 8 x 12 inches?

    • According to approved items list, it sounds like your small camera bag should get through provided it is small enough to “carry by hand”. You may also need to demonstrate the camera works.

      Visitors are limited to the following items, which will be subject to search by Security Forces:
      – Small women’s purses
      – Cameras, video recorders and binoculars. Visitors will be required to show the items work. Items must be small enough to carry by hand.

      For more information please contact Luke AFB Public Affairs at (623)856-5853.

  • ROBERT says:

    If I park in LOT B, where does the bus take you? Front gate??

  • Garvin says:

    My wife and I are planning on riding our bicycle’s over from Goodyear to the air show. Is there any bike parking on or near the base? Thanks

  • Vincent Villescaz says:

    Will there be a facility to rent electric scooters for those that have mobility issues, like the handicap that cannot walk for a very long time?

  • John Neff says:

    Is there any RV parking?