Legislature unanimously passes bill supporting F-35 training at Luke

By March 28, 2012F-35 & Arizona, F-35 News
AZ State Representative Debbie Lesko (R – Dist. 9)

AZ State Representative Debbie Lesko (R – Dist. 9) at Luke AFB

A resolution sponsored by Representative Debbie Lesko (R – Dist. 9), received unanimous approval in the Arizona House and Senate.
The Resolution was drafted to express the full support of the Legislature for the implementation of the F-35 Lightning II training mission at Luke Air force Base and the Barry M. Goldwater Gunnery Range. Key language of the resolution states:

  • The F-35 Lightning II is critical to the future defense of the United States, and Luke Air Force Base, with its superb flying weather and outstanding facilities and infrastructure, is the right choice to train Air Force pilots in this next generation aircraft
  • The State of Arizona strongly supports the continued operation of Luke Air Force Base as an Air Force flight training base and pledges to continue to support Luke Air Force Base.

“Aside from serving as the ideal site that will usher in the latest generation of American combat aircraft, this new mission will sustain thousands of civilian jobs that will be needed to support training operations,” Lesko said.

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