6 ship F-35 static display at Edwards AFB courtesy of Lockheed Martin

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The long awaited draft EIS was announced today which sets in motion the process for determining the likelihood of stationing up to 6 squadrons of F-35’s at Luke AFB.  The F-35A is the Air Force’s variant of the Joint Strike Fighter, which will replace the F-16 Falcon, F-15 Eagle and the A-10 Thunderbolt as the military’s new multi-role fighter.

The Draft EIS provides a detailed analysis of factors affecting air quality, noise and other impacts to the environment and provides an evaluation of reasonable alternatives. The environmental study is federally required when an air base is considered for a change in aircraft. The Draft F-35A Training EIS document will be available for review online at www.F-35ATrainingEIS.com.

The release of the F-35A training Draft EIS report begins the environmental review process that includes a public comment period. Public hearings will be held in mid-February in communities near Luke AFB. Citizens, interested parties and governmental agencies will also be able to submit public comments in writing to the Air Force during the public comment period, which closes on March 14, 2012. Upon completion of the public comment period, the Air Force will then publish its final EIS report in early summer prior to making its final decision. The Air Force anticipates issuing a Record of Decision (ROD) for F-35A training by July 2012. The ROD completes the EIS process.

Key Dates to Remember:

  • January 20, 2012 – Public release of the F-35A Training Draft EIS
  • January 20, 2012 – March 14, 2012  –   Public hearings for Luke AFB, Arizona
  • February 13-16, 2012 – Public comment period for F-35A Training Draft EIS closes
  • Summer 2012 – Release of Final F-35A Training EIS
  • Summer 2012 – Issuance of USAF F-35A Training EIS Record of Decision

We are encouraging you to ask friends, neighbors, and relatives to register their support of the F-35 training mission at Luke online by visiting www.LukeForward.com. Thus far, nearly 21,000 citizens living in every city and town throughout Arizona have registered their support for the new mission at the air base.

We will be keeping you apprised throughout the process, and we look forward to a positive outcome!

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