Saluting Enlisted Spouses’ Club scholarship winners

By October 16, 2012News

Scholarships are very important to students entering college as well as to those who are currently enrolled. On Sept. 11, the Enlisted Spouses’ Club, in conjunction with financial support from Credit Union West, presented two $500 scholarships to Ranell Weddle and Jessica Paul. Since 2007, the credit union has provided support for the annual scholarships. The scholarship program is available for spouses of active-duty military.

This year’s applicants were asked to submit essays focusing on the challenges and opportunities military life presents. With increased deployments, many spouses are taking on a role similar to that of a single parent. They are confronted with balancing their time between school, work, kids and normal household chores. Another challenge many spouses face is when they have a permanent change of station move in the middle of their schooling.

Often times there can be issues of credits not transferring, degree programs not be available in a new location, or a negative impact on grades and tuition costs. These are just some of the obstacles a spouse may come across along the way to achieving their higher educational goals.

Credit Union West continues to build on a long and unwavering commitment to Luke Air Force Base and the military community as a whole. In addition to supporting the Enlisted Spouses’ Club, the credit union provides $2,000 in scholarships to dependents of active-duty military through the Officers’ Spouses’ Club. They also support various military-connected organizations through program sponsorships and grants.

Credit Union West provides financial support to community organizations that share their commitment to education.

Robert MacGregor, President/CEO, said, “Each year our credit union teams up with Luke Air Force Base because we believe it is critical to support military personnel and their families.”

Enhancing quality of life is more than just words on paper at Credit Union West. It’s their mission that provides the credit union’s direction each day.

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