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Stepping off the bus to a new environment. Your first impression is the sweltering heat and a realization, “I’m definitely not home anymore.” This is the thought that crosses the minds of many of your young men and women at Luke Air Force Base. One of the missions of Fighter Country Partnership is to support the morale and wellbeing of our young Thunderbolts. Arriving at Luke is a new experience and FCP wants to make sure these airmen hit the ground running.

Ever year we have a packing party to assemble backpacks for the airmen to give them the essential items so that the last thing they are thinking is “where do I go buy a toothbrush and find soap?” We also throw a holiday party for the young enlisted with food, drinks, games, and many prize giveaways like the TV the airmen above received in 2019.

You can help us make this happen so that we can continue to turn out battle-ready warriors and to show that Arizona supports the mission of Luke Air Force Base. Contact us for volunteer or sponsorship opportunities. If you simpy want to give a little bit and not think about it, consider purchasing a Fighter Country Foundation Sounds of Freedom F-35 Arizona license plate. Of the $25 annual fee, $17 of those dollars go back to programs like these!