BBS Mission and Charter

Blue Blazer Squadron logoThe Blue Blazer Squadron (BBS), an Alumni Association of the Honorary Commanders Committee of Fighter Country Foundation (FCF), shall provide support for the men and women of Luke Air Force Base through FCF, and shall be the prominent volunteer force representing FCF in the community.  The highest priority for the BBS shall be to support the men, women, and families of those serving in the military at Luke Air Force Base through FCF.  The BBS is the next mission for Honorary Commander alumni who want to support Luke AFB through FCF. The BBS shall, at times, be called upon to provide their personal and professional resources and talents through FCF, as mutually agreed upon, and be ready to serve at a moment’s notice when the need arises. While BBS members may have continuing relationships with the base squadrons they were assigned to as Honorary Commanders, those relationships are not part of the mission of the BBS and are maintained at the personal or professional discretion of the current Luke Air Force Base commanders.


FCF Staff

Ron Sites, CEO & President
Veronique Crukishank, Business Manager
Brooke Christianson, Program Director
Josh Abel, Digital Strategy, IT & Marketing

BBS Leadership

Chair – Steve Hoover
Vice-Chair – John Pierson
Member – Brian Cooper
Member – Rachel Aja
Member – Melissa Holdaway
Member – Michael Walling

Former BBS Chairs

Jason Klonoski
Daniel Ortega
Bruce Larson

BBS Member Dues

2022 BBS membersship dues must be paid by January 17, 2022. BBS member dues can be paid here.

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BBS Private Facebook Group

This is the private FB Group for FCF and BBS to get information that isn’t necessarily published on our public pages. Items like event updates, calls to action and general sharing of ideas. This channel is for people that are officially part of Fighter Country Foundation (Board, Staff, Blue Blazers and any military members that are deemed necessary by FCF). Also, please be careful not to post anything that may be frowned upon if observed by military leadership and/or could be potentially damaging to a service member or their family.

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2021 BBS Member Application

Enrollment is now closed for the 2021 Blue Blazer Squadron (BBS) class. Enrollment is only open to Luke AFB Honorary Commander Alumni who have successfully completed their two-year term.  This “alumni organization” managed under the direction of Fighter Country Foundation (FCF) is a tremendous opportunity to become involved with FCF as it continues its unprecedented support of the men, women, families, and mission of Luke AFB. Learn more and apply at the BBS Application page before the January 1st deadline.