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March of the Fallen 2017 Information

March of the Fallen 2014The Alan McMurray MOTF Founders Ruck is a 4.5 mile ruck dedicated to honoring our fallen brothers & sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the war efforts of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND). Their watch is over now so we carry their weight upon our backs and continue onward in their honor.

  • Participants can “Ruck” or “Hike” but each person holds an obligation
  • Rucker & Hiker registration fee is $40
  • Kids 18 and under registration fee is $20
  • Additional donations are appreciated! After all this is a charitable  fundraising event
  • People rucking will be tasked with carrying the weight on their back as our fallen once did
  • You must provide your own ruck and weight for the march
  • Each rucksack will be weighed pre/post march
  • The weight categories are: 45lbs / 60lbs / 75lbs
  • “Hikers” will accompany the marchers side by side to encourage, and help participants march the required distance (for ages 14 and up only)
  • The official distinguished MOTF 2017 T-Shirt will be issued to you upon completion of the march including a commemorative RMO. Velcro patches may also be available for sale
  • ALL net proceeds will be donated to the the Luke Airmen’s Fund and other charitable organizations that further help our nation’s HEROES!
  • Volunteer are welcome to join and must be at Verrado by 0500.

If you cannot make the event but wish to make a donation please click the “donate button” below. All participants who wish to participate in MOTF 2017 please register here

AZ Location & Schedule – 4/29/2017 – 0700

Verrado Golf Club  – 4242 N Golf Dr. Buckeye, AZ 85396

March of the Fallen 20140500 – Show time for Volunteers to setup
0600 – Weigh-in/Check-in – Categories 45lbs, 0-75lbs
0700 – Presentation – Motivation!
0715 – START – Each weight category will begin 5 min. apart.
TBD  – Participants will need to weigh out their rucks and earn their T-shirt & RMO
TBD – FINISH! – MOTF presentation
TBD – Closing comments from MOTF committee

Kandahar & Kabul Location & Schedule – 4/29/2017 (time TBD locally)

MOTF 2016 Kandahar  MOTF 2016 Kandahar


Registration Fee & SWAG

March of the Fallen 2014Ruck registration includes a t-shirt for successful completion of the MOTF!
Ruck Marcher Registration fee: Adults $40 & 18 under $20

FREE for volunteers. If you want to volunteer please e-mail Doug McGraw / to be added to the volunteer list. For KAF volunteers please contact Capt. Samuel Blakely at

If you are Military Grade E-4 or below and cannot afford to register, don’t worry! You can register to be added to a waiting list for sponsored participants however we cannot guarantee a spot for you.

Registration & Payment



Direct donations can be made using the link below or at the time of registration.  Proceeds will benefit the Luke Airmen’s Fund and several other organizations that benefit military personnel and their famlies. All donations are tax deductible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of pack should I use to carry the weight?
A: Any pack that has a frame and a kidney strap to distribute the weight on your hips and shoulders. For example, an Alice pack or hiking pack.

Q: What should I use for weight?
A: Sand is a great source of weight, it’s cheap and conforms to your pack.

Q:What kind of footwear should I use?
A: It is recommended that you wear broken in boots, because it will help stabilize your ankle while rucking on uneven terrain.

Q:What is the purpose of this event?
A: 1. To honor our brothers and sister in arm who have gave their lives in OEF, OIF, OND.
2. To benefit the WWP and Luke Airmans Fund.
3. To give the participants a challenging and humbling experience.

Q:What should I wear?
A: We recommend that the participants keep in mind that we will be in the desert and anything to keep you cool and protected from the sun would be HIGHLY recommended. i.e. hats, sunblock, sunglasses, t-shirts ( no sleeveless shirts ), etc

Q: Will there be parking?
A: YES -See maps above.

Q: Do I need to train for this event or how do I prepare for this event?
A: In the past we have had participants from a variety of fitness backgrounds and all of them have been able to complete this event. However, training prevents injury and there is no better way to train for rucking, than by simply rucking.

Why 4.5 miles & 45# minimum weight?

March of the Fallen 2014Because when this ruck was founded by then Senior Airman Alan McMurray the number of casualties converted into meters equaled 4.2miles.  However, for the 2014 MOTF they rounded this off to 4.5 miles on the route.  This is a little bit further that lost soldiers then, but we figure for the what will be known from this point forward “The Alan McMurray MOTF Founders Ruck” or in short MOTF, we would always keep this distance.  However, since then unfortunately those numbers have increased according to the ( and as of 9 Feb 2017 America has lost 6,914 men and women military and civilian contractors during OND, OIF and OEF.  Also not to be forgotten are the wounded, for when that happens a piece of them will always be left behind.  It’s a staggering number of 52,514 that have been wounded in action and we will make sure their sacrifice will also not be forgotten.

The 45 lb minimum weight is approximately the minimum weight one must carry while deployed.


Verrado Golf Club  – 4242 N Golf Dr. Buckeye, AZ 85396

Verrado Parking

Click for a larger version of this map

Directions to Verrado

Driving directions to Verrado


MOTF Contacts

Doug McGraw – (Verrado)

Samuel Blakely – (for KAF)

Alan McMurry (Founder)

“Be at ease for your watch is over, now proudly we carry your weight, onward into the unknown, we march for our fallen.”

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