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Lindsay Moellenberndt’s interview with Ron Sites of Fighter Country Partnership is now available for your viewing enjoyment! On this AZ Biz Link episode Lindsay sits down with Ron Sites, the President and CEO of Fighter Country Partnership. Lindsay and Ron discuss what Fighter Country Partnership does for Luke Air Force Base, how to get involved, and how companies can support the military who come off the base.. Freel free to watch the embedded video below or visit one of the following links to listen on Apple or view on YouTube.

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Show Notes:

  • What is Fighter Country Partnership?
  • How many people are involved with FCP?
  • How can employers in Arizona help air force veterans?
  • How can Arizona civilians get involved with Luke Air Force Base?
  • What are the key initiatives of Fighter Country Partnership?
  • What is capital funding?
  • Why is it to get involved in capital funding?
  • What goods or services should I donate to air force bases?
  • When is the Luke Air Force Base air show?
  • Surprising facts about Luke Air Force Base
  • What is the honorary commander program?

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  • Albert Cerf says:

    I am a retired Air Force TSGT and I recently purchased one of the Special License Plates. I love the design and I am proud to display it on my truck.

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