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Brig Gen Rothstein & Mayor WeiersGlendale Mayor Jerry Weiers presented 56th Fighter Wing Brig. Gen. Michael Rothstein with a special coin he called his own version of “Key to the City.”  Rothstein was one of several supporters who received the coin during Weiers’ State of the City address Feb. 27 at the Renaissance-Glendale Hotel.

In the fall 2013 issue of FCP VISIONS, in his commentary, Weiers commented on the importance of the F-35 coming to Luke.

He said, “In addition to the massive economic effect on our community, the mission of the F-35 will have a lasting impact with the defense of our nation. This fighter has technical capabilities that are above and beyond what any other nation has. In the hands of a pilot who has received world-class training at Luke, the F-35 will help ensure that the United States will own the skies for generations to come.”