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Exec. Director / President - Ron SitesThe holiday season around the base is extra special. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays bring together the Airmen and their families more than any other time of the year. This is also the time when particular programs and services are critical, like Operation Thunderbox, Chaplain’s monthly deployed family dinners, Operation Warmheart – Angel Tree, Airmen Against Drunk Driving & Luke Airman’s Fund.

While most families at Luke will have an enjoyable holiday season, there are also those families that will utilize these base programs and services to secure a more comfortable holiday for them and their families as well.

There are currently 224 Luke Airmen deployed which equates to many families going through a situation most of us are unfamiliar with during the holidays. We are proud at FCP to shoulder part of the responsibility to assist Luke in ensuring that every family at Luke AFB enjoys the holidays. FCP provides funding to these areas so the base has the resources they need to accomplish those goals.

I would also like to mention another fact that gets overlooked. When an Airman is deployed, their mission at Luke doesn’t go away; their roles and responsibilities are absorbed by the dedicated Airmen doing their mission here at home. So while these 224 Airmen are deployed during the holidays, you also have a minimum of 224 Airmen (if not 448) having increased workloads here to accomplish those missions at Luke AFB during the holiday season.

Please remember two things during the holidays. First of all, be thankful and proud of the support that you provide FCP, because that support is passed through to the areas that are needed the most at the most appropriate times. Secondly, as you celebrate these special days with your family, remember to thank the men and women in uniform for the service they provide so that we can enjoy the privileges that we have. Saying “thank you” could help an airman, soldier or seaman to keep their morale high as they perform their missions for our country.

Thanks for the support you provide to Fighter Country Partnership and have a Happy Holiday Season!

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