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Ron Sites at the CapitalDear FCP Supporters,

FCP has enjoyed a relationship with Luke that is so unique, mainly due to the fact that we have been given the opportunity to bring successful prototypical programs to Luke that no other military installations are able to accomplish.  The successes of these events are being recognized by senior leaders in the AF, thereby causing other military installations in the country to ask “how are you able to do this?”

FCP provides support in three areas – Health & Human Services, Culture & Tradition, and Advocacy.  The importance of advocating in support of Luke’s mission is critical because, without Luke, we would not be a part of the other two areas that are incredibly rewarding.  FCP plays a valuable role in enhancing our Airmen’s quality of life while they are stationed at Luke.  Whether we are funding summer camps for Autistic children, assisting with amazing wellness expos for the men and women, supporting the Air Force Ball and Luke Days Open House, or simply being a conduit for Spring Training tickets, FCP does whatever it can to assist with the quality of life for our Airmen.

The mission of Luke is to train pilots, so that mission will most likely be the last thing affected by budget cuts. The programs and services that support the Airmen and their families could be an area most directly affected.  FCP is prepared to assist within those areas.  FCP has proven its value, and now has the burden of potential.  We embrace this challenge and will be the paradigm that other communities and installations can follow so they can do the same for their military families.

The cancellation of the Luke Days Open House paints a vivid picture that the community “needs” to see and understand. General Rothstein made the correct decision for Luke AFB.  That being said, it was not an easy decision for him to make, as he fully understands and knows how important this incredible event is for our community. FCP was not surprised by the decision and fully supports his choice.  The mission of Luke AFB is to train the world’s greatest fighter pilots and maintainers and to potentially sacrifice that mission to bring us our Open House is not an option.  Moving forward, FCP understands that this situation further defines our role of supporting Luke, and this support will most likely increase significantly in the future.

FCP now has a new goal…a 2014 Luke Days Open House.  We will work with the base to identify new and creative ways within the Air Force regulations so that Luke AFB can host the 2014 Luke Days Open House.

The Luke Days Open House is just the tip of the iceberg of many gaps that will need to be filled if sequestration comes to fruition as many expect.  With challenges come huge opportunities.  I will leave you with one that has made an impact on me the most.  As another BRAC (Branch Re-Alignment and Closure) approaches, think about how strong we can make Luke and the community appear to the DoD and Air Force if FCP can accomplish the goals that we have.

Be ready, more news to come! We will reach out, and we will expect to have the same great continued support we have had in the past as we support the men, women, families and mission of Luke AFB!!


Ron Sites
Executive Director / President
Fighter Country Partnership
Fighter Country Foundation
Supporting the Men, Women, Families and Mission of Luke AFB