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Exec. Director / President - Ron Sites

From the Desk of Fighter Country Partnership,

FCP’s main goal is to sustain the programs and services we have initiated over the past years. This goal hasn’t only been stressed by our Board of Directors; it is echoed loudly by the Senior Leadership at Luke AFB. We are proud of the expectations we have created, and within every new endeavor we approach, we will ensure it won’t negatively affect our current programs and services.

The programs and services FCP providers have become very standardized for all the right reasons. The programs are repetitive because we are consistently serving a new demographic due to the continuous turnover of families at Luke AFB. This is perfect from the base’s perspective, but at FCP, we don’t want to become complacent with our current menu of services.

As FCP maintains, we will now focus on growing Fighter Country Foundation (FCF). This has been a goal for many years, and we are now in a position to let FCP continue on its strong path and focus on FCF’s next mission supporting Luke AFB in a much larger way.

FCF will start the new “Luke Forward” campaign to support initiatives geared towards capital projects on the base. Years of military budget cuts and sequestration have forced capital dollars at Luke AFB be directed toward projects that fall under the “mission-critical” category. If a hangar needs to be built, if an F16 Simulator needs to be upgraded, if an F35 needs a sunshade; those projects get their rightfully due attention. If Luke AFB wants to build a new fitness facility, build a new aquatic facility, renovate the library or build a new child development center; the likelihood of those projects being approved is much slimmer than those within the “mission-critical” category.

Fighter Country PartnershipFCF has the opportunity to pursue some major and massive projects at Luke AFB that will have a direct impact on the quality of life. These projects also bring other attributes that make each a home run. Enhancing the quality of life at Luke AFB is always priority number one, and if the project outcomes also create revenue for “Morale & Wellness Programs” at Luke AFB and also have a significant “Economic Development” impact…talk about a grand slam.

FCF is excited and eager to start, and once the DoD approves the process, we will be launching in full afterburner. These projects have already been identified, and FCF supporters will be honored to be a part of this groundbreaking direction.

We proudly state that FCP is like no other organization in the country, and FCF has always been at the table. FCF will no longer be the sidecar of FCP. FCF will the engine large enough to assist Luke AFB to renovate and construct facilities associated with quality of life while accomplishing their mission of training the world’s greatest fighter pilots.

Now this is GOOD STUFF!

Ron Sites
President / Executive Director

Post updated to correct erroneous and outdated information on 5 Feb 2020

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