Luke Forward – The F-35 Warplane and Luke Air Force Base

By November 27, 2009Luke Forward

Beyond being vital to Arizona’s economy since 1941, Luke Air Force Base protects the freedoms and security all of us enjoy by training combat-ready pilots and crews for the military’s most advanced fighter aircraft. Later this year, the U.S. Air Force will begin the process of considering to select Luke AFB as a future training site for the next generation of fighter aircraft, the F-35.

Our goal is to gather support from residents throughout the West Valley to let our military leaders in Washington D.C. know that there is tremendous community support for Luke in becoming a training base for the new F-35 and for its military personnel, who make the ultimate sacrifice so that all of us can enjoy a better life.

Please join this community support campaign by adding your name to our list at the Luke Forward Website.

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  • Webb Ellis says:

    As a retired Army colonel and a resident of the Phoenix area since 1966, I greatly appreciate the military presence of Luke Air Force Base and urge its acceptance for the F-35 training base.

  • Vicki Norman says:

    As a citizen in the valley, I strongly support Luke Air Force Base to stay a training facility with the F-35’s. I hope the entire valley joins this cause to keep our military active in this valley! We would all miss them if they were not here.