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Our role in supporting Health & Human Services, Culture and Tradition and Advocating on behalf of Luke AFB has been a monumental one in 2012.  We will share with you a bullet point list of events and programs FCP either pioneered or partnered in to support our beloved Fighter Country.

Before we get to “the list,” the first highlight has to be the Record of Decision.  The DoD’s decision for Luke to be the next training base for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, is far and away the biggest news of the year.  With that decision, we now have another viable mission at Luke that will keep the base busy for “decades” to come.  That means that the second largest economic engine in the Valley (next to the PhoenixSkyHarborAirport) will continue to thrive, but more importantly, we will have the privilege of hosting the same high quality of airmen that currently live in our communities.

From FCP’s viewpoint, we now have the opportunity to continue our role as the community’s leading support and advocacy group.  We continue to bring creative programs and services to our Luke families that enhance their quality of life while living in the Valley of the Sun.  What a rewarding role to have!

Here is FCP’s year in review, which can also be a forecast for “decades” to come:

Health & Human Services:

  • 56th Medical Group’s Beautiful Women – Inside & Out wellness expo
  • 56th Medical Group’s “Tune up for Health” Men’s wellness expo
  • Luke Airman’s Fund
  • Chaplain’s Monthly Deployed Family Dinners
  • FCP / Luke AFB Summer Camps for Luke Children with Autism
  • Officer Spouses’ Club Scholarship Program
  • Operation Fighter Country Christmas – Supporting Luke’s Dorm Residents

Culture & Tradition:

  • Luke’s Second Annual Haboob Havoc
  • Fiesta Bowl Parade
  • Navy Ball
  • 944th Fighter Wing Annual Holiday Picnic
  • The Patriot – Collegiate All-American Golf Classic


  • Luke Forward F-35 Campaign alongside WestValley Partners
  • VIP Community Reception – Hosting Military Leaders
  • FCP Annual Meeting – Gov. Brewer as Keynote Speaker
  • Luke Civilian Fly In – promoting civilian flight safety around Luke
  • Luke Mission Sustainability Campaigns
  • FCP Education & Awareness Campaigns

Providing a definition of these programs and services would require another quarterly edition of FCP Visions, but if you have questions about any specific program, always feel free to contact us at for further education and potential involvement.

On behalf of the FCP Board of Directors, Susan Lovelace and myself, Thank You for a great year.  To our municipal supporters, corporate sponsors, individual supporters, Luke Forward supporters, and program volunteers, thank you for being a part of the strongest conduit of support any military installation has in the country.  Be proud of that, and share with everyone the uniqueness we bring to Luke AFB and their families.

And last but not least, say “thank you” to that individual in uniform, especially during the holidays.


Ron Sites
Executive Director / President
Fighter Country Partnership
Fighter Country Foundation
Supporting the Men, Women, Families and Mission of Luke AFB

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