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Bill Adams

Mr. Bill Adams
Fighter Country Partnership: Honorary Commander

Bill Adams
Owner of Ryan Austin and Associates

Fighter Country Partnership is proud to feature Mr. Bill Adams, an alumni member of the Honorary Commanders Program and currently a Life member of the Blue Blazer Squadron of Fighter Country Partnership. Mr. Adams was assigned to the Command Chief of the 944th Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base from 2012 to 2014 and is a highly engaged community leader.

Mr. Bill Adams is currently serving his third four-year term on the Governing Board of the Washington Elementary School District. This is his first term as president. He has served three terms as vice president (2009-2010, 2014, 2015). He also served on the Arizona School Board Association Board of Directors for four years and is a proud and active member of Support Our Schools AZ (SOSaz), a public education advocacy group.

Mr. Adams has been a member of WESTMARC, serving on their Education and Healthcare Committees, which promotes public policies leading to responsible growth.

Mr. Adams is the owner of Ryan Austin and Associates, a full-service insurance agency and has a working relationship with Valley Schools Management Group, both specializing in employee benefits. He is the spouse of an educator and has two sons, both of whom attended WESD schools.

When asked what is was like being an Honorary Commander with the 944th Fighter Wing at Luke AFB, he said, “Unbelievable!” “Being assigned to the Command Chief (top enlisted person responsible for all the enlisted troops) of the 944th Fighter Wing gave me great insight into what our civilian airmen do. These individuals are reservist, they are our neighbors and many of them are being deployed around the world.

Bill Adams width=

“I am most impressed with how much Luke’s leadership cares about their Airmen,” Bill explained. “Whenever we are in a briefing or just socializing with the commanders, they are always talking about their troops. From continued education within their career fields to the well-being of their personal life, these leaders, both commanders and their NCO’s care so much for their people and their families. Their passion for their troops was undeniable!

The Honorary Commanders program is designed to promote mutual partnerships with the local community and to promote a better understanding of the important Air Force mission. Its goal is to gain positive public opinion with influencers.

“Having enlisted into the Air Force towards the end of the Viet Nam War, Fighter Country Partnership has allowed me to take the pride I have always had for the Air Force and ratcheted it up,” Mr. Adams explained. “I now have exposure to these young professionals. I get to watch them do their job, talk to them about their personal and family life and sometimes participate in programs that offer advice on their future outside the military. I believe the FCP organization has out-performed everyone’s expectations. No one knew it would grow into an organization that is viewed all around the world as the best of the best when it comes to supporting our men and women in uniform.”

Bill Adams

Bill Adams (far right) with Colonel Kurt “Huevos” Gallegos , Susan and John Echeverri with Colonel Gallegos’ aircraft in background.

“The most memorable time as an Honorary Commander was my familiarization (“Fam”) flight in an F-16 aircraft with Colonel Kurt “Huevos” Gallegos, Commander of the 944th Fighter Wing. I had the rare opportunity to experience what it is like to drop bombs (inert) and strafe a target utilizing the F-16’s 20mm gun while seating in the back seat, making these runs with Colonel Gallegos. This was a pure adrenalin rush! I will never forget this and be forever grateful to all those that made this happen, especially Colonel Gallegos and Fighter Country Partnership!

Bill Adams

Bill Adams excited preparing for an orientation flight and after landing in the F-16 aircraft with the 944th Fighter Wing.

Bill Adams

Colonel Kurt “Huevos” Gallegos, Commander of the 944th Fighter Wing (left), Jackie and Bill Adams and their son Ryan at the F-16 aircraft during this Familiarization Flight.

Mr. Adams helped his military partners in more ways than you can mention here in this article. Just a few of his contributions include:

  • ‣ Having his military partners participate in numerous community events such as WestMarc and various city functions throughout the years.
  • ‣ Supported and worked numerous Luke Days Open Houses (air shows)
  • ‣ Supported several Air Force Balls
  • ‣ Supported several 56th FW and 944th FW Annual Awards Banquets
  • ‣ Participated in a civic leader tour to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona
  • ‣ Participated in a tour of the Lockheed Martin Plant (F-35 aircraft)
  • ‣ Supported and participated in the Barry M. Goldwater Range tour and the Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field visit
  • ‣ Numerous change of command ceremonies
  • ‣ Salute to the Troops Concert
  • ‣ POW/MIA Recognition Day Retreat Ceremony
  • ‣ Ribbon cutting and grand opening of the F-35A Academic Training Center
  • ‣ Supported numerous Fam Flights for fellow Honorary Commanders
  • ‣ Supported and worked at “Wingman Day”
  • ‣ Participated in numerous tours of the base with community and civic leaders
  • ‣ Ribbon cutting ceremony of the Luke Fire Station Renovation Project
  • ‣ Worked numerous FCP Honorary Commanders Golf Tournaments
  • ‣ Speed Mentoring event at Luke AFB
  • ‣ 944th FW Holiday Party
  • ‣ Aircraft Maintenance and Component Maintenance Tours
  • ‣ Super Bowl Blitz concert at Luke AFB
  • ‣ March of the Fallen at Verrado
  • ‣ FCP Phone Bank
  • ‣ FCP/FCF Annual Meetings

“I always try my hardest to say yes whenever I am asked to help those at Luke AFB and I can honestly say that the Commanders and fellow Honorary Commanders and Blue Blazers I have been associated with throughout the years have become great friends.”

Bill Adams

Fighter Country Partnership had the honor of witnessing local news anchor Steve Irvin-ABC15 get inches from the cup at the Fiesta Bowl Charity Hole In One Challenge at the Biltmore. Because of his amazing shot, he beat out all the other local anchors and Fighter Country Partnership was awarded $6000. Great job Steve and many thanks!!!


“I am most honored to have been invited into the Blue Blazer Squadron. This organization allows me to still be involved as an alumnus Honorary Commander and continue serving the men and women of Luke AFB. With the BBS, there is an expectation that you step up and help when asked. You have a responsibility to be there when needed. As a Blue Blazer, we’re also very fortunate to be invited to some really fantastic events like a tour of the F-35 Academic Training Center and the F-16 Simulator Facility.”

Bill Adams

Blue Blazers get an up-close look at the F-35 aircraft

Bill Adams

Bill Adams met a few of the Thunderbirds during Luke Days Open House


“The most rewarding and enjoyable part of being associated with FCP is the amazing friendships I have made along the way and all the people I have met that are either currently serving or have served our country. I consider myself blessed in that FCP was so kind to have invited me into this world. FCP’s dedication to those that serve out at Luke is amazing and I will be forever grateful!

When asked if there was anything else he would like to add to encourage the community to take part in support of the base, Mr. Adams said, “Should you run into someone who serves out at Luke AFB, regardless of service… say Thank You!!!

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