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Shawn Bradford

Mr. Shawn Bradford
Fighter Country Partnership: Honorary Commander

Shawn Bradford
Vice President Corporate Services, EPCOR Water

Fighter Country Partnership is proud to feature Shawn Bradford, Vice President of Corporate Services with EPCOR Water. He is an alumni member of the Honorary Commanders Program and currently a lifetime member of the Blue Blazer Squadron of Fighter Country Partnership. Mr. Bradford was assigned to the 56th Civil Engineering Squadron at Luke Air Force Base from 2008 to 2010.

Mr. Shawn Bradford has been with EPCOR Water since November 2011. Mr. Bradford currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Services and has over 29 years of experience in the area of water and wastewater management in both public and private sectors. His local experience in Arizona includes serving as Director of Public Works and Water Resources for the city of Goodyear.

Background Information:

‌∙ Vice President of Corporate Services at EPCOR Water USA
‌∙ Former Director of Operations, Central Division at EPCOR Water USA
∙ Former Business Development at Burgess & Niple, Limited
∙ Studied MBA at Amberton University
∙ Studied Management at Becker College
∙ Studied Environmental Engineering Technology at Northeastern University
∙ Went to Framingham South High School
∙ Lives in Goodyear, Arizona
∙ Married to Kim Bradford
∙ From Framingham, Massachusetts

When asked what it was like being an Honorary Commander at Luke AFB, he stated:

“Being an Honorary Commander has been one of the greatest professional opportunities provided to me since my arrival to Arizona in 2006. Spending time on the base with the men and women of our military and understanding their mission has been a very humbling experience.”

“My biggest takeaway from my time as an Honorary Commander was that the base and all of its operations are solely focused on its mission. Everything that happens on base supports this one goal. This level of focus isn’t something I had experienced prior to being an Honorary Commander.”

Shawn Bradford

Shawn Bradford (middle) receives a Lifetime Blue Blazer Squadron membership. Chief Master Sgt. Kwiatkowski (left) and Daniel Ortega (right).

Shawn explained that his most memorable time as an Honorary Commander was when he worked with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight at the Barry M. Goldwater Range. The EOD Flight provides the best trained and equipped technicians to safely accomplish stateside and wartime taskings. They maintain a 24-hour emergency response capability and they neutralize explosive threats to personnel and property and provide special mission support teams worldwide.

“I got a better understanding of the dangers they face in the field disposing of unexploded ordnance.”

The Honorary Commanders program is designed to promote mutual partnerships with the local community and to promote a better understanding of the important Air Force mission. Its goal is to gain positive public opinion with influencers and community and business leaders.

Mr. Bradford stated, “I think this program is a great example of the mutual partnership FCP has established with the base. Working in the community and communicating the mission of the base helps promote all of the benefits Luke provides not only the West Valley but the entire state of Arizona.”

Shawn Bradford

Members of the Blue Blazer Squadron received a tour and orientation on the newest Air Force fighter aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II at Luke AFB.

When asked how he helped integrate his assigned squadron to learn more about the community in which they live outside the base, Shawn stated:

“During my time as Honorary Commander, we arranged tours to help education airmen and their families about the water and wastewater issues we are all working on for the West Valley. We toured our regional water treatment plant where we treat and deliver 20 million gallons of renewal surface water each day to our customers in the West Valley.”

Shawn has participated in numerous activities at Luke AFB.

Shawn Bradford

Shawn works the burger burn at the big grill for the Luke AFB “Wingman Day” feeding thousands of Luke Airmen.

“I worked a shift at the base fire station and assisted operations with water and wastewater issues on the base. I also attended bomb disposal training, change of command ceremonies, staff meetings and most importantly, I received an orientation flight at the end of my Honorary Commander program. That was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I will never forget.”

“I have also participated in two mentoring sessions where we met with airmen to discuss their future after they leave the Air Force and also supporting the programs offered by FCP.”

Shawn Bradford

Shawn Bradford received an orientation flight in the F-16 aircraft at Luke AFB.

“Through the BBS I support the golf event each year, the largest FCP fund-raising event of the year used to support the men, women and families of those serving Luke AFB. I also support the Luke Days Open House Airshow, March of the Fallen and most recently, the 9/11 Tower Challenge whereby Arizona law enforcement, firefighters, and military personnel (active and retired), family and supporters recreate the 110 flights of stairs (2071 steps) climbed by New York City Firefighters during the attacks on the World Trade Center. We will honor all those who gave their lives on that fateful day and all those who continue to serve our country, domestically and abroad. This year we anticipate more than 1000 individuals taking the challenge. Proceeds will benefit the 100 Club of Arizona (Provides support to the families of Police & Fire personnel seriously injured or killed in the line of duty,

“Supporting the men, women and families of those serving at Luke is our main area of focus. Being able to leverage our personal/professional resources and talents through FCP when the need arises is something that everyone who is associated with the BBS fully supports.”

Shawn Bradford

Shawn Bradford and his family at Luke AFB during his orientation flight on March 2, 2011.

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