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Dieter Gable

Mr. Dieter Gable
Fighter Country Partnership: Honorary Commander Alumnus: Blue Blazer Squadron

Dieter Gable, CEO, TB Consulting

Fighter Country Partnership is proud to feature Dieter Gable, CEO, TB Consulting. He is an alumni member of the Honorary Commanders Program and currently a member of the Blue Blazer Squadron of Fighter Country Partnership. Mr. Gable was assigned to the 56th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Luke Air Force Base from 2008 to 2010.

Professional Summary

Retired Accenture Partner (formerly, Andersen Consulting) experienced in both the financial services and government sectors. Mr. Gable has reoriented his efforts on small to midsized companies with a focus towards enabling strategic growth while implementing capabilities supporting operational excellence and sustainable change.

Mr. Gable brings over twenty years of systems and consulting experience to the TBC leadership team including a proven track record based on a career blending a broad range of experiences including deep technology and operational capabilities aimed at delivering meaningful and measurable results.


• Virtualized IT department for major Government health care services provider including complete outsourcing of all IT infrastructure.
• Migrated IT infrastructure for US Trustee in the top-10 US Bankruptcy case; included a move of the entire client data center to the TBC data center couple with long term IT function outsourcing.
• Design and replacement of back-office system for the Colorado State Lottery. Project payback on the replacement was less than 24 months.
• Developed leading justice application (court of future) providing court automation (filings, opposing counsel notifications, etc.). Software acquired by LexisNexis.
• Designed and implemented leading technology and security advances adopted by every US and most international lottery jurisdictions. Developed proprietary algorithms for the rapid auditing of lottery transactions.
• Performed operational reviews for numerous US and international business operations aimed at identifying business case driven improvements that deliver measurable results and savings.
• Developed industry-leading automated underwriting approach and algorithms for major US Company delivering rapid risk-based decisions.
• Led development efforts (products & services) for two of the largest credit card companies with a focus on speed to market.
• Developed business plans and strategies for expansion capital positioned companies. Structured a variety of acquisition and expansion oriented transactions for mid-cap companies.
• P&L responsibility for multi-national teams and programs.

Professional Experience

Project and Program Management, Outsourcing, IT development, Local and multi-national teams of 200+ professionals, Corporate Finance Mortgage Industry; back office, automated scoring and operations, Lottery Industry, back office, logistics, operations, security, Venture capital, new business development

Affiliations and Memberships

University of AZ / Eller School, MIS Board of Advisors
Ryan House, Board Member & Chair
Fighter Country Partnership, Honorary Commander
Hospice of the Valley, Board Member & Secretary

Security Clearances

Various; most recent by State of Colorado


University of Arizona, Finance & Real Estate

TB Consulting

4455 E. Camelback Road
Suite A-240
Phoenix, AZ 85018

When asked what it was like being an Honorary Commander at Luke AFB, Mr. Gable explained, “It was an honor to be able to participate in the Honorary Commander Program because it provided me an opportunity to meet some of the finest Airmen and see what our Air Force does day today. My biggest learning, and maybe more accurately described as a surprise, was the level of responsibility imparted upon young Airmen who are just a few years out of high school. They have been trained to take care of and show real ownership in the upkeep of the fleet of aircraft with many demonstrating great capabilities and dedication.”

One of the more memorable moments Mr. Gable experienced was a tour of the Barry M. Goldwater Range getting to see first-hand the training by fighter pilots in precision munition delivery… both by the F-16 from Luke AFB and the A-10 aircraft from Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson.

“The A-10s had the added benefit of sheer noise and adrenaline rush associated with seeing those pilots practice their aim with large munitions mere feet from where you are watching,”
Mr. Gable said.

Dieter Gable

Dieter Gable preparing for his F-16 orientation flight at Luke AFB

The Honorary Commanders program is designed to promote mutual partnerships with the local community and to promote a better understanding of the important Air Force mission. The purpose of the program is to gain positive public opinion with influencers. When asked if he felt the program was meeting that goal, he explained, “The Honorary Commander program is fantastic at bridging the gap between base personnel who are often new to the area and local businesses/citizens that are often blissfully unaware of what goes on at LAFB.”

“The base personnel were great at giving me first-hand views of the incredible breadth of the operations which really emphasizes how LAFB is very self-sufficient in many ways. At the same time, I was able to bring personnel off base to take them into the community for fun and cultural activities that they may have otherwise not participated in (ballet shows, Octane kart racing, Top Golf, etc.). The most important desire I had was to get my assigned Squadron Commander off the base and into the community. We had a number of opportunities to take both him and his family to events and then extend the same to his squadron’s airmen to have some team building off the base. This was a small way for me to give back to the Airmen at Luke.”

Mr. Gable went on to explain, “The base is so receptive to the community and it is reflected in the numerous invitations provided to the Honorary Commanders. Seeing the flight operations and support functions were great but even more rewarding was being invited to some of the more base-community oriented activities like the promotion ceremonies, Wingmen Day, family BBQs, award banquets, leadership graduations, etc.”

Dieter Gable

Mr. Dieter Gable, second from the right) along with Jason Isaak (left), Bruce Larson, Patrick McDermott, General Robin Rand, (former Commander, 12th Air Force) and his Adjutant, participate in the Blue Blazer Charge at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ, in 2013.

“Beyond the introduction to the base, the mission and personnel, it was great to meet other leaders in the community who are like-minded in supporting and giving back to the community wherever possible.”

“I think the Blue Blazer Squadron of Fighter Country Partnership is a fantastic idea and an excellent way to keep a leash on interested civic leaders who wish to continue their support of the airmen, base and the mission after their Honorary Commander term has ended.”
Mr. Ron Sites, President, Fighter Country Partnership, said

“Dieter has been an amazing asset to the Blue Blazer Squadron. His energy and passion for Luke and its Airmen is contagious! Dieter embodies the very essence of leadership and servitude, which he demonstrates freely through his involvement with the BBS. It has been our pleasure to work with him.”

Fighter Country Partnership has many projects in the works and their accomplishments in support of Luke AFB are growing every year. Stay tuned!

Dieter Gable

Dieter Gable leads a leadership session during a Blue Blazer Squadron retreat.