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Doris Ong

Doris Ong
Fighter Country Partnership Honorary Commander alumnus, Blue Blazer Squadron Bravo Class Lifetime Member, and Blue Blazer Squadron Leadership Team Historian.

Doris Ong

Doris Ong is a community leader and a longtime resident of the Valley. She originally came from Singapore. She is very involved in the arts and cultural organizations and volunteer charities which make a positive impact in the community. Doris is a Trustee of the Phoenix Art Museum. She was honored in 2008 as a Trendsetter of the Trends Charitable Foundation (TCF) and currently serves on the Board as Vice-President of Grants Funding.

Doris was inducted into the Honorary Commanders Program in 2008 assigned to the Singapore 425th ‘Black Widows’ Fighter Squadron. She continues as an alumni and a member of the Bravo Class, Blue Blazer Squadron (BBS) of Fighter Country Partnership and is now a lifetime member. She serves on the BBS Leadership team as Historian.

Professional Accomplishments:

Doris Ong has a background in international work experienced in publishing and book production in Singapore, London, England and Canada: McGraw-Hill Far Eastern (Singapore); Publicare (London, England); Editor Environment Conservation Authority (Alberta, Canada).

Today, Doris has over 20 years specializing in high-end residential properties in the Valley and is a Lifetime Member of the Presidents Roundtable, Phoenix Board of Realtors


University of Singapore, Honors Degree in Geography


• Phoenix Art Museum Trustee
• Phoenix Arts Commission, Office of Arts & Culture (Former Member)
• Trends Charitable Foundation (TCF) Women leadership in Community involvement 2008 Trendsetter
• Trends Charitable Foundation (TCF) Vice-President of Funding Grants
• Fighter Country Partnership: Honorary Commander Alumnus 2008- 2010 assigned to 425th Singapore ‘Black • • Widows’ Fighter Squadron, Luke Air Force Base
• Blue Blazer Squadron Bravo Class, Lifetime member 2016, Leadership Team as Historian

When asked what it was like being an Honorary Commander at Luke AFB, she stated,

“The proudest moment in my community involvement is to be an Honorary Commander at Luke AFB. It is an honor to be among an elite group of community leaders, supporting the Airmen and their families who give so much in what they do in the service of the country! They deserve the best from the community. Luke Air Force Base is a vital force in the Valley–its iconic Past, exciting Present and the dynamic Future as the leading base training the greatest F-35 and F-16 fighter pilots for the nation and our allies.”

Doris Ong

Doris Ong prior to taking flight.

She explained that being assigned to the Singapore 425th Fighter Squadron is especially meaningful to her because of the important role Luke plays in the defense of the Free World.

“My relationship with the 425th Fighter Squadron gives me the opportunity to welcome them to our community. I have formed many wonderful friendships with the Squadron Commanders and meeting over 200 Singapore families including fighter pilots and maintenance crews on rotation through the years.”

“I have attended many 425th celebrations and ceremonies on base and off and, in return, I extended invitations to host Arizona experiences such as the Heard Museum’s Moondance and Phoenix Art Museum Galas to members of my Singapore squadron. I also like to promote other family-oriented programs such as the ‘Blue Star’ Museum’s Free Admission from Memorial Day through Labor Day to active duty families–doing things together as a family, as most of the servicemen and women are young families.”

“The most memorable event was celebrating the partnership between Singapore and the United States with the Defense Minister from Singapore in attendance. I was never more proud than to receive the invitation to celebrate the “20 Years of Friendship” between Luke AFB and the Republic of Singapore at the base. The Defense Minister of Singapore spoke of the friendship between the two countries.”

Doris Ong

20 Years of Friendship Singapore & US. Defense Minister Dr. Ng Eng Hen and 425th Fighter Squadron Commander Lt. Col Maxmillion Goh.

“It is such a privilege to be an Honorary Commander and each experience is invaluable and insightful, and memorable! At the personal level are the friendships formed, and to be inspired to give back to the servicemen and women, in programs or projects that will support Luke AFB.”

“I had the opportunity to observe first-hand the skills of the fighter pilots at the Haboob Havoc at the Barry M. Goldwater Range and I felt the thundering power of being on the runway at Luke AFB as F-16s take off right behind you! And the unforgettable Red Flag aerial combat training exercise hosted at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, with close to a hundred F-16s taking off on each side of us on two runways. It was beyond awesome!”

“I will always be inspired by the F-16 Fighting Falcon orientation flight I received. It brought together witnessing first-hand the precision, dedication and top skills of the servicemen and women at Luke AFB. I have a deeper understanding of the workings of the base and truly admire the whole base operations. It has also been a personal inspiration to me that everything is possible if one sets one’s heart and mind to it and for that I will always be grateful to Luke AFB Honorary Commanders program.”

Doris Ong

Getting ready to take flight!

“I take every opportunity to be involved and attend activities at Luke. The most recent memorable event was the unveiling the F-35 Flagship and the arrival of Luke’s Flagship F-35 flown by Brig. Gen. Scott Pleus from the Fort Worth, Texas plant to Arizona. This event heralds a new era of Luke training the next F-35 pilots for the U.S. and our allies.”

“I enjoy attending the Air Force Ball on the anniversary of the Air Force (September 1947). This is a very formal event that is full of Air Force traditions and is truly an honor to attend.”

“My most recent involvement was working with the 56th Fighter Wing 2015 Annual Awards Banquet, “Celebrating Excellence,” as committee chair for the decor planning and execution. It was exhilarating to work with the Air Force team, young and talented men and women, and to earn their respect. It was also a pleasure to be a table sponsor.”

Doris Ong

56th Fighter Wing 2015 Annual Awards Banquet

“Another unforgettable project as a BBS member was the building of the Cinderella and Prince Charming Closet under the supervision of the 56th Civil Engineering Squadron at Luke. I was doing drywall for the first time and it was certainly a ‘can do’ successful project! Being one of the women members on the BBS, it was a quest to get ball gowns and accessories from a very supportive group of ladies in the community.”

Doris Ong

Doris donates ball gowns and accessories for the Cinderella and Prince Charming Closet at Luke allowing for spouses of military members to dress for the many formal occasions from Air Force Balls to awards banquets and graduation ceremonies.

“The Blue Blazer Squadron events have taken us to retreats to various Air Force bases such as Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson as well as Nellis AFB in Nevada to participate in briefings and tours. The BBS slate is full of events keeping us active and busy.”

“Receiving the Lifetime Membership as a BBS member is a milestone and much celebrated. I will wear the pin with pride and I look forward serving on the Leadership Team as Historian showing my support by attending and recording upcoming BBS events such as the Air Show, Wounded Warrior March of the Fallen, the FCP Golf Tournament fund-raising event and many other events. This is my opportunity to express my gratitude for the service of the men and women of Luke.”

Mr. Ron Sites, President, Fighter Country Partnership, said:

“There is a very easy way to explain Doris’s involvement with FCP, BBS and Luke AFB…”Presence with Passion!!!” I don’t think I have met a FCP partner who has attended and been more willing to assist with any of the functions we have been associated with. We have many examples of great supporters and Doris is one of those examples.”

Doris concludes by saying, “I have formed great friendships with fellow BBS–all with the same commitment to volunteerism and the same strong ideals for promoting Luke AFB in the community. We all come away with a better understanding of Luke’s mission and its servicemen and women, and their families and the sacrifices we ask of them. It sharpens our focus of giving back for their service and promoting the base’s vital role in the community and for the nation and our allies.”

“The men and women who serve our country deserve ALL our support in every way we can as a community. Thank them for making sacrifices in the defense of this Nation. Listen to their personal stories and see their pride in what they do–striving for excellence and having the top skills and commitment to the mission of Luke AFB.”

“Generating support for Luke Air Base Air Force Mission will be my personal pledge to promote the mission of Luke to the larger community and support Fighter Country Partnership programs to enrich the lives of servicemen and women and their families.”