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Steven Hoover

Mr. Steven Hoover
Fighter Country Partnership: Honorary Commander

Steven Hoover
Principle and Division Manager for SiteWorks

Fighter Country Partnership is proud to feature Mr. Steven Hoover, an alumni member of the Honorary Commanders Program and currently a member of the Blue Blazer Squadron of Fighter Country Partnership. Mr. Hoover was assigned to the 309th Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base from 2012 to 2014 and is a highly engaged community leader.

Steven Hoover is an Arizona native, proud father of a 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter and the lucky husband of Jennifer Hoover with whom just celebrated their 10-year anniversary.

Steven is a lifelong aviation enthusiast spending most of his formative years alongside his father and friends restoring WWII aircraft, most notably the B-17 “Sentimental Journey.” Spending such impressionable time with pilots and mechanics instilled many character traits, or “flaws as some may argue.” The passion for flight led him in the direction to become a pilot for the Air Force. Upon an initial military medical physical, a previously unknown eyesight issue was discovered eliminating that possibility. With becoming a military pilot off the list, Steven headed to Florida to pursue a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

In an odd twist of fate a few years after college, Steven received an offer to work with a national home builder which led to his ultimate career path in contracting. After decades in the construction industry working his way through various positions as well as owning small contracting operations, Steven is now a Principle and Division Manager for SiteWorks. SiteWorks is a multifaceted local landscape contractor who builds, maintains and provides arbor services for notable landscape projects such as spring training facilities, professional and collegiate clients, casino and resort properties, commercial, retail and master planned communities.

Steven has been active in a local development advocacy organization–Valley Partnership–for nearly 15 years. He served as Chairman for the Community Project Committee for several years assisting organizations such as the Foundation for Blind Children, Salvation Army, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center and many more to improve their facilities. Hoover also served on the Valley Partnership Board of Directors from 2009 to 2014 playing an active role in keeping the organization relevant and successful in an industry environment rife with turmoil during the “Great Recession.”

Steven Hoover

Mr. Hoover (middle) receives recognition as a Life Member of the Blue Blazer Squadron.

Steven now enjoys the opportunity to serve as “Chief” on the Senior Leadership Team for the Blue Blazer Squadron of the Fighter Country Partnership. His time as “Bravo Class” Honorary Commander for the 309th Fighter Squadron and now on to planning and leadership for the Blue Blazer Squadron is described as one of the most humbling and gratifying philanthropic endeavors he has ever had the honor to be a part of.

He recalls many fond memories from his time with the 309th FS such as the time-honored traditions of fighter squadrons such as Roll Calls and Naming Ceremonies for new pilots, to the many family events that the Hoover’s were invited to attend. “I was struck by how openly they welcomed me and my family into their operation and activities and expressed that I was not an outsider but an official member of the 309th “Wild Duck” family,” Steven said.

Steven Hoover

Steven Hoover and his wife Jennifer attend a formal Air Force Ball.


Steven Hoover

Steven Hoover in cockpit of a KC-135 during a mid-air refueling flight with the 137th Air Refueling Wing.

Steven takes every opportunity possible to enjoy his involvement with the Honorary Commander program and now with the Blue Blazers. He has attended Haboob Havoc, the over-night trip to the Barry Goldwater Range, Luke Days, March of the Fallen events, base tours, speed mentoring, wingman day, Fiesta Bowl Parade, change of command ceremonies, a refueling flight and many others.

“I feel that this is a unique opportunity granted by our military and not to experience these would be tremendously unfortunate,” said Mr. Hoover.

Mr. Ron Sites, President and Executive Director of Fighter Country Partnership describes
Steven’s dedication to the organization.

“Like most involved with FCP, I met Steve due to the Honorary Commander Alumni entering into the BBS program. It didn’t take long for me to identify with his personal passion for Luke AFB. Like many ambassadors, Steve lives in the Far East valley…but you will find Steve and his wife at almost everything they have the opportunity to support and attend. His dedication and commitment to the FCP cause made it very easy to pull Steve in closer for needed BBS leadership roles.”

Steven Hoover

Steven Hoover (left) alongside Bruce Larson, both Blue Blazers of Fighter Country Partnership, participate in the ”March of the Fallen” event sponsored by Verrado Golf Club. March of the Fallen (MOTF 2016) is a 4.5 mile ruck-march through the White Tank Mountains dedicated to honoring our fallen brothers & sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the war efforts of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND).

He speaks often about how open and approachable the most senior of base leadership has been through his years of involvement and how they treat everyone with such respect and admiration. Mr. Hoover has been able to share his experiences with many in his personal and business life. This advocacy has garnered support for fundraising opportunities and instilled a deeper understanding of Luke Air Force Base and the tremendously important role it has within our community and nations military.

Steven Hoover

Life Members to the Blue Blazer Squadron. Mr. Hoover is in second row far right.

As a recent inductee as a Life Member to the Blue Blazer Squadron, Mr. Hoover looks forward to continuing active participation in every possible activity there is and to offering mentorship to new members of the Blue Blazers looking to make the greatest impact of their assignment.

Steven Hoover

Mr. Hoover speaks during the annual Blue Blazer Squadron annual meeting.

Steven explained, “Creating lasting friendships with members of the squadron and specifically my Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Stephane Wolfgeher, has been one of the most rewarding outcomes from my time as Honorary Commander. This experience has deepened my love and admiration for our fighting men and women and for the families who support them. It has truly changed a peripheral appreciation to a lifelong commitment to support and protect the military personnel, families and mission of our armed forces.”

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